Irem Spa


Companies: Irem Spa - Techimp Impianti Spa - Solesi Spa

Client: Tamoil

Job description: Civil, and mechanical works, piping, Insulation and Painting works, E&I

Scope of work: The contract executed by IREM Group was multi discipline type including all construction activities, namely:
Civil works – design, construction, erection of reactor, disengager, stripper, fract, tower and hopper – mechanical piping prefabrication and erection, equipment erection – refractory lines prefabrication and erection – insulation works – painting works – electrical and instrumentation works – tanks construction and erection.

Work Schedule: start date: 7th January 2002 - Completion date: 25th February 2004

Location: Collombey (Swiss)

Peak manpower: 900

Manhours: 1.250.000

Plan details: Main equipment erected: total no. 330
Piping quantities:
* Piping fabrication: 2.350 tons; 225.000 welded inches
* Piping erection: 3.320 tons

Electrical Works details:
Cables m 206.000
Conduit m 27.000
Cable Tray m 1.500
Lighting Poles item 1.050
Grounding m 15.000
Panel / Transf. kg 68.000

Instrument Works details:
Cables m 145.000
Conduit m 8.000
Cable Tray m 32.000
Junction Box item 210
Instruments item 2.650
Control Valve item 285
Panel DCS kg 18.500