Irem Spa

Neste Oil

Companies: Irem Spa

Client: Neste Oil

Job description: Biodiesel Plant - NExBTL Project

Scope of work: Piping, MEechanical, Steel Structures, Scaffolding, Painting, Insulation, Tanks, E&I Works.

Period carried out: July 2008 - September 2011

Location: Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

Peak manpower: 920

Manhours: 1.700.000

Plan details: Complete Renewable Diesel Oil Plant, inclusive of Pre-Treatment Unit:
Static Equipment/Machinery with Alignment = 3920 Ton
Piping Prefabrication = 1550 Ton
Piping Erection Above Ground = 3800 Ton
Piping Pref./ Erection Underground = 60 Ton
Piping Support Pref./Erection = 560 Ton
Secondary Steel Structure = 350 Ton
Piping Hot Insulation = 64000 Sqm
Equipment Insulation = 9100 Sqm
Tank Insulation = 36000 Sqm
Instr.& Electrical Insulation = 5500 M
Painting = 60000 Sqm

ELECTRICAL WORKS: Grounding system, Substations equipment installation, Cable-trays and conduit installation; MV, LV, CC Cables laying and connections; Cathodic Protection; Lighting system

INSTRUMENTATION WORKS: Instrument Cables, JB and Local Panels installation; Field instrumentation works (level instruments, pressure instruments, temperature instruments, control and on/off valves); Analyzers works; Telecommunications system; Loop test, package instrumentation test and safety valve test;

EHT WORKS: Heating cables installation