Irem Spa


Companies: Irem Spa

Client: Pdvsa

Job description: Piping and Mechanical Works for ISLA Refinering Upgrading Program I.R.U.P. Project

Scope of work: ISLA Refinering Upgrading program:
Erection of
* new nr.2 sulphures units;
* nr.1 hydrogen unit;
* nr. 1 utilities plant;
* nr. 1 hydrofiner - including nr. 5 shutdown.

Start date: January 2001; completion date September 2002

Location: Curacao (Netherland Antilles)

Peak manpower: 600

Manhours: 1.000.000

Plan details: Piping quantities: piping fabrication 1.470 tons; piping erection 3.630 tons.

Heater erection:
* type: F201 Steam reformer Heater with 46 floor/burners. Total weight 640 tons.
* supplier: Heurtey
* work schedule: 6 months including precommissioning activities abd catalyst loading.