Irem Spa


Companies: Irem Spa - Irem Servicii - Consorzio Italoffshore

Client: Saipem

Owner: Staatsoile

Job description: STAATSOILE Refinery Expansion Project

Scope of work: Mechanical, Piping, Steel Structure, E&I, Scaffolding, Painting, PAU's and PAR's Hook-up
Start date: September 2012 - Completion date: April 2015

Location: Paramaribo (Suriname)

Peak manpower: 1.700

Manhours: 3.900.000

Plan details: Piping & Supports 2945 ton, Steel Structure 3456 ton, Equipment erection 4540 tons
New Processing Unit:
- Vacuum Unit
- Visbreaker
- Hydrocracker
- Hydrogen
- Naphta Splitter
- Catalytic Reformer
- Sulfuric Acid Unit