Irem Spa


Companies: Irem Spa - Techimp Impianti Spa

Client: ABB

Owner: Preemraff

Job description: Mechanical Erection of Hydrocracker and Hydrogen Unit

Scope of work: Steam Reformer heater with 84 roof/burners. Total weight 1.640 tons.
Piping quantities: piping fabrication 2.052 tons - 139.000 welded inches; piping erection 2.647 tons
Work schedule: 7 months including precommissioning activities and catalyst loading.

Location: Lysekil (Sweden)

Peak manpower: 400

Manhours: 700.000

Plan details: Electrical Works details:
Cables m 266.000
Conduit m 11.000
Cable Tray m 9.500
Lighting Fixtures item 830
Grounding m 16.000
Panel/Transf. kg 60.000

Instrument Works details :
Cables m 275.000
Conduit m 11.000
Cable Tray m 22.000
Junction Box ite m 400
Instruments item 1.135
Control Valve item 350
Panel DCS kg 17.000