Irem Spa

Techint S.p.A.

Companies: Irem Spa - Techimp Impianti Spa - Irtis Srl

Client: Techint S.p.A.


Scope of work: Mechanical, Piping, OFF-SHORE Platform, Supply and Installation of E&I Systems

Period carried out: october 2008 - May 2011

Location: Maasvlakte (Netherlands)

Peak manpower: 180

Manhours: 330.000

Plan details: Electrical Works details:
MV/LV/CC Cables m 300.000
Conduit m 10.000
Cable Tray m 7.616
Lighting Poles items 245
Grounding cables m 14.431
Equipment items 86

Instrument Works details:
Cables m 460.000
Conduit m 2.000
Cable Tray m 20.000
Junction Box items 450
Instruments items 1.500
Control Valve items 200
Equipment items 80