Irem Spa

Code of ethics

Code of ethics

The Code of Ethics is a fundamental document attached to the System.  In carrying out its performance, all those who act, operate and cooperate in any way with IREM S.p.A. (employees, consultants, suppliers and third parties in general) having to deal with situations that require the adoption of relevant behavior under various aspects, among which the most important are the ethical and the legal (a.b. “Addressee” of the Code).

Everyone has the duty to hold and keep its employees and its partners conduct to comply with the general principle of absolute honesty, integrity, balance, fairness and diligence, as well as the specific obligations that may arise from integrity and, however, from those principles deemed due under the context and the objectives of its mission.The Code of Ethics has its purpose to provide general guidelines for ethical behavior, which comply in the performance of its activities, as well as to help prevent the creation of crimes covered by D.Lgs n. 231/2001.

However, in the presence or absence of specific provisions, it’s absolutely necessary that each one’s actions are guided by the highest standard of behavior which IREM S.p.A. aligns its conduct, taking into account that the action to take in any situation always takes origin not only of good faith, but also in transparency, impartiality and loyalty of those who act.

Within Irem S.p.A. System there are also defined control tools (general or specific) for the prevention of crimes provided for by Legislative Decree no.231 of 2001 and in accordance with the provisions of the law it introduces a Disciplinary System (App. No. 6 of the System) in order to punish any violation of the System 231.