Icos Spa

Core Business

Supply in site and maintenance of:

  • Fixed and floating roof storage tanks for petroleum products

  • Storage and decanting vats for treatment plants

  • LPG tanks

  • Tanks for drinking water and industrial water

  • Piping and structural steel associated with the storage tanks

  • Accessories and instrumentation

  • Design and processing of construction drawings

  • Materials supply and supplier selection

  • Prefabrication of the components in the workshop

  • Erection in site

  • Tests and inspections

  • Coordination, supervision and final check

ICOS Serbatoi S.p.a. deals with the marketing of devices for the reduction of emissions into the atmosphere: sheath for roof supports, sheaths for rest pipe and anti-rotation pipes; seals for floating roof; electricity production from photovoltaic plants.

ICOS Serbatoi S.p.a. is able to perform le aforementioned maintenance activities for the tanks that have stored leaded gasoline where it is required to operate in compliance with the rules “OCTEL”.