Consorzio Italoffshore

Core Business

Punta Cugno Area: the yard has been set for the installation of offshore structures (jackets, deck, modules and similar) starting from  the prefabrication of components such as pipes, nodes, panels, etc.. 

The overall available surface of 180.000 sq meters is subdivided into several functional areas that allow an optimal flow of materials and avoid interference with the assembly sequence:

  • a 12.000 sq meters waterfront area for storage of materials is able to receive large prefabricated components shipped by sea.  

  • an additional area of 6.000 sq meters for storage of plates and piping is located adjacent to the area of prefabrication.

  • a sandblasting and special treatment area is located inside a warehouse of 1.500 sq meters for components that require such activity.

The area dedicated to services includes office buildings, canteen, warehouses and workshops for bending sheet metal and prefabrication, and for maintenance of existing facilities in the area.