Irem Spa



IREM S.p.A. was founded in 1979 by a group of professionals with a solid experience record in the mechanical construction works. Company's headquarters is located in Siracusa on the east coast of Sicily.

Originally IREM activities started in Siracusa industrial area, the hub of a large concentration of refineries and petrochemical plants, among the broadest ones in Europe. Currently this area is one of the most developed basin of highly skilled construction workforce and qualified staff in the sector.

Thanks to the knowledge acquired and the excellent results achieved, subsequently IREM S.p.A. has founded several companies, all controlled and each of which specialized in a field of operations, in order to act as Main Contractor aiming to optimize efficiency and economy: the IREM GROUP.

IREM S.p.A. as leader of these companies, is able to undertake complete services in several fields: design, planning, erection of industrial plants of any kind. It offers its clients significant economic and organizational advantages thanks to an intelligent use of its resources that report to a single center of responsibility.

IREM S.p.A. is now present with its projects all over Europe, Saudi Arabia, North Africa, Central America and South America.