Irem Group

Irem Group

Irem group

IREM Group was founded in Siracusa in 1982. The current composition originates from the willingness of IREM S.p.A. to establish several companies with specialized know-how and all directly controlled by the holding company.

IREM Group provides complete services in the areas of Design, Supply, Construction and Maintenance of Industrial Plants.

IREM Group is active in the following areas:

  • Mechanical Erection of Chemical Plants, Petrochemical Plants, Gas Plant, Power Plants and other Industrial Plant

  • Pipelines Installation

  • Design Fabrication and Erection of Steel Structures

  • Design Fabrication and Erection of Piping System

  • Design Fabrication and Erection of Tanks, Cryogenic Tanks

  • Electrical and Instrumentation Works

  • EPC Jackets, deck and topside for Off-Shore platform

  • Pre Assembled Racks (PAR's) fabrication and assembly

  • Pre Assembled Units (PAU's) fabrication and assembly

  • Civil Works for Industrial Plants

  • Detailed Engineering for the above mentioned sectors

  • Piping prefabrication

IREM Group operates in the following types of plants:

  • Petrochemical plants

  • Power Plants

  • Refineries

  • Gas and oil pipelines

  • Chemical plants

  • Off-Shore

IREM Group employs several thousand of people, including employees working in large ongoing projects in the Middle East.The total capacity of the Group reaches 3.500.000 man-hours per year, in addition to the projects in the Middle East.