IREM repatriates 134 workers from Suriname through dedicated charter flight

IREM Spa, due to the Covid 19 emergency and the total borders closure in Suriname, has decided to repatriate our 134 workers busy in the 2020 Staatsolie Refinery Turnaround. IREM with the contribution of the Italian Embassy in Brasil, the Onorary Italian Consul in Suriname and Surinamees Authorities managed to organize a charter flight form Paramaribo to Catania. The plane safety landed in Catania on the 7th of April 2020. The workers are currently observing the foreseen period of Quaranteene.

IREM would take the occasion to thank Mr Giuseppe Patanè, member of the Italian Embassy in Brasil, Mr Steven Ma-Ajong, Italian Onorary Consul in Suriname, Suriname Authorities, Staatsolie and Mr Daniele Moscuzza for the cooperation provided in finding an adeguate solution to the crisis.

12 workers are still in Suriname for the closing activities of the Turnaround.

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